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Conservation Biology

Dr. Robert Barclay - Behavioural and physiological ecology, and life histories of mammals and birds; conservation biology; biology of bats.

Dr. Robert Longair - Behaviour of solitary vespid wasps; Insect biodiversity in managed and natural habitats.


Dr. John Post - population ecology of fishes; aquatic ecology; fisheries conservation and management.

Dr. Mary Reid - Habitat selection, dispersal and reproductive behaviour, especially in bark beetles.


Dr. Kathreen Ruckstuhl - Ecology and behaviour (mostly mammals)-with a focus on decision-making, sociality, mating and sexual segregation.

Dr. Sean Rogers - My lab consists of a group of evolutionary biologists with a diverse set of interests in molecular ecology and evolution including: [1] ecological genomics and the genetics of adaptation, [2] the genetics of reproductive isolation and speciation, [3] the molecular ecology of invasive species, and [4] conservation genetics




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