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Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
 Dr. Kathreen Ruckstuhl


Dr. Robert Barclay - Behavioural and physiological ecology, and life histories of mammals and birds; conservation biology; biology of bats.
Dr. Ed McCauley - Dynamics of ecological systems; population dynamics and predator-prey interactions; aquatic ecology; theoretical ecology.

Dr. Ralph Cartar - Evolutionary ecology of pollinators: esp. resource-tracking, senescence, biomechanics, ecological impacts of humans.

Dr. John Post - population ecology of fishes; aquatic ecology; fisheries conservation and management.


Dr. Kyla Flanagan - Understanding the carbon dynamics of freshwater systems and the implications and feedbacks of climate change on those dynamics.

Dr. Mary Reid - Habitat selection, dispersal and reproductive behaviour, especially in bark beetles.


Dr. Jeremy Fox - Population and community ecology; food web dynamics; biodiversity and ecosystem function

Dr. Sean Rogers - My lab consists of a group of evolutionary biologists with a diverse set of interests in molecular ecology and evolution including: [1] ecological genomics and the genetics of adaptation, [2] the genetics of reproductive isolation and speciation, [3] the molecular ecology of invasive species, and [4] conservation genetics


Dr. Lawrence Harder - Ecology and evolution of plant reproduction; pollinator behavior.

Dr. Kathreen Ruckstuhl - Ecology and behaviour (mostly mammals)-with a focus on decision-making,
sociality, mating and sexual segregation.


Dr. Lee Jackson - Structure-function relationships and contaminant fate and dynamics in aquatic communities; land-water coupling

Dr. Tony Russell - Functional morphology and systematics of vertebrates; vertebrate palaeontology; herpetological ecology.


Dr. Ed Johnson - Biogeoscience, plant populations,disturbance ecology.

Dr. Jessica Theodor - Systematics, diversity dynamics and paleoecology of mammals, especially ungulates; vertebrate palaeontology.

Dr. David Layzell - Energy systems analysis including modeling the energy-environmental footprint of biological systems

Dr. Jana Vamosi - Macroecology and macroevolution of angiosperms; influences of pollination and dispersal on speciation and extinction rates; comparative phylogenetic analysis.


Dr. Robert Longair - Behaviour of solitary vespid wasps; Insect biodiversity in managed and natural habitats.

Dr. Steven Vamosi - Ecology and evolution of species interactions; aquatic ecology; biodiversity; comparative methods; speciation in post-glacial environments.



Dr. Peter Vize - Developmental and Marine Biology. Organogenesis of the vertebrate kidney, coral reef ecology.








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