Research Wastewater Treatment Plant

The ACWA Research Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) has a capacity of 0.51 mega-liters per day (ML/d), split between three parallel 0.125 ML/d process lines. The process lines can operate independently or in tandem for comparative studies.

ACWA's research plant receives secondary effluent (0.51 ML/d) from the Pine Creek WWTC secondary clarifiers. This effluent flows through an Ultra Filtration Membrane system and the flow is then diverted to two of the following advanced treatment modules operating in parallel at 0.175 ML/d:

The facility combines established treatment technologies with space to house the technologies of the future. Flexible piping routed through the plant allows the investigation of different process configurations.

An integrated Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system allows researchers to monitor and control all the processes in the research plant. The ACWA research plant allows researchers to test and manipulate the efficacy of several process trains in the removal of microconstituents. Final effluent can be directed to the research streams to examine the impact of various treatment methods on aquatic life under control conditions.

Beyond Standard Technologies

Additional liquid processes will be accommodated within the ACWA facility to allow the in-depth study of the complete spectrum of technologies, from the current membrane technologies to processes not even imagined today.

Effluent from the ACWA research facility can be: