Research Programs

The ACWA Research Plant is designed to address two major research questions:

a) How can established and novel treatment technologies achieve improved removal of existing and emerging chemical compounds and pathogens to improve human health and the environment?

b) How can the impacts of diverse pollutants on aquatic environments be critically evaluated?

The controlled research environment of the ACWA Research Plant will yield new answers and insights to these questions. The University of Calgary has assembled an internationally renowned team of water researchers led by Dr. Lee Jackson.

Affiliated Researchers

The expertise of the research team spans the breadth of water research, from ecology and biology, to toxicology and microbiology, process engineering, medicine and public health.

Opportunities to Participate

The ACWA Research Plant has an open access policy. National and international researchers are encouraged to participate in the ACWA research program and to lead their own research programs as visiting researchers.

The ACWA Research Plant encourages the involvement of equipment manufacturers, process designers and contractors, consultants and municipal wastewater treatment staff in the research.