The ACWA Research Plant was established with funding support the Government of Canada and the Province of Alberta:

Funding Partners

The following organizations support ACWA through various research and worshop grants:

Canada Foundation for Innovation

National Science and Engineering Research Council

Alberta Innovates

Industry Partners

ACWA is working with the following industry partners to advance its research and educational goals.

Agilent Technologies

ACWA is working with Agilent Technologies on the development of methods to quantify emerging contaminants of concern. Agilent and ACWA have co-sponsored workshops and work together to create chromatography and spectrometry training courses to benefit analytical chemists in academic and industrial settings.


IBM Canada has sponsored graduate student awards through the IBM-Alberta Centre for Advanced Studies. ACWA is currently working with IBM to develop a framework to acquire, analyze, visualize and archive complex environmental data (IOW - Intelligent Operations for Water). IOW will allow ACWA's researchers and partners to view data and operations remotely and provide a platform on which ACWA will develop its public education and outreach strategy to create a broader awareness and literacy for water-related issues.

VWR International

VWR International generously donated the lab casework and instrumentation that supported Dr. Matt Vijayan's CRC application and lab renovations to create the VWR International Environmental Physiology and Toxicology Laboratory. Dr. Vijayan and his students are developing diagnostic tools that will undergo field testing in the ACWA Research streams.

Education and Community Partners

ACWA has engaged with following education and community partners to increase public awareness of water and wastewaster issues: