Unique Facilities, Unique Tools

Bridging a research void

The first facility of its kind, ACWA bridges the gap between:

  1. bench and pilot-scale research laboratories, and
  2. applications in full-scale municipal wastewater treatment plants

The ACWA Research Plant enables research that cannot be done anywhere else in the world. Current lab-sized facilities cannot realistically replicate actual field situations. Meanwhile, municipal treatment plants around the world are not suited to intensive research programs – particularly if the experiments entail pathogens or chemicals harmful to people and the environment.

Research Facilities

The ACWA Research Plant is uniquely centered on three inter-connected components:

  1. A 0.5 mega-litre per day (ML/D) wastewater treatment research facility where established and novel treatments technologies can be investigated at true scale;
  2. A set of twelve replicate aquatic streams embedded in the natural landscape, which allow assessments of impacts of treated wastewater on aquatic ecosystems; and
  3. Laboratory facilities to measure chemical and biological parameters of the research. Four laboratories support the research program:
    • ACWA Research Laboratory at Pine Creek;
    • Microbiology Laboratory;
    • Aquatic Laboratory;
    • Isotope Science Laboratory