Administrative Contacts

Scientific Director    
Leland Jackson 403.220.6790 ljackson[at]
Program Coordinator    
Francine Forrest 403.220.7753 francine.forrest[at]
City of Calgary    
Norma Ruecker 403.720.7414 norma.ruecker[at]

Research Contacts

Contact information for researchers can be found on the Researchers page.

Lab Locations & Personnel

ACWA Analytical Lab Pine Creek Wastewater Treatment Centre
PI: Lee Jackson 403.220.6790 ljackson[at]
Manager: Darina Kuzma 403.210.7333 / 403.210.7301 darina.kuzma[at]
Technician: Andrea Scott 403.203.7264 / 403.210.7301 afscott[at]
Technician: Jessica Moe 403.203.7264 / 403.210.7301[at]
Aquatic Lab Room 282, Biological Sciences Main Campus
PI: Hamid Habibi 403.220.5270 habibi[at]
Isotope Lab Room 513, Earth Science Main Campus
PI: Bernhard Mayer 403.220.5389 bmayer[at]
Manager: Stephen Taylor 403.210.6003 steve.taylor[at]
Microbiology Lab Room B045, Health Science Centre Foothills Campus
PI: Tao Dong 403.220.3133
Manager: Richard Moore 403.220.4539 rmoore[at]

Tours of ACWA Facility at Pine Creek

Group tours of the ACWA Research Facility can be booked by calling The City of Calgary 311 Operation Centre.

To learn more about The City of Calgary 311 services click here.