Aquatic Laboratory

The controlled environment of the Aquatic Laboratory is an integral component of the ACWA facility and will allow for the optimization of the ACWA Research Streams.

The Aquatic Laboratory, located on the main University of Calgary campus, will be used to perform experiments and assays to test the effects of various chemical mixtures prior to conducting full-scale experiments at the Pine Creek site. These results will then guide the design of the large-scale experiments utilizing the ACWA Research Streams.

The Aquatic Laboratory will house state-of-the art analytical equipment, a fish holding facility, and experimental tanks. The Aquatic Laboratory will enable experiments using large and diverse fish species (i.e. Bull Trout). The laboratory has a reverse osmosis system to produce the high-quality water necessary to undertake experiments with controlled trace concentrations of biologically active compounds, pharmaceuticals, and other chemical mixtures of concern.

Aquatic Lab


Room 282 Biological Sciences
University of Calgary