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Biology instructors employ new teaching strategies - C-LAB program encourages science profs to study how effectively students are learning (more)
Eleven Vanier scholarship recipients announced for 2014 - Katherine Lyons from Biological Sciences won the Vanier NSERC for 2014. (more)

Five university scholars win esteemed Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships - As part of the Turner Research Group, Joe Lemire's research focuses on exploring the capacity of metal ions to function as antimicrobial and antibiofilm agents (more) (more)

Zoo researchers work to save once-plentiful northern leopard frogs - Randall, lead researcher with the Calgary Zoo's northern leopard frog project, is in the midst of an annual survey near Dinosaur Provincial Park (more)


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Biological Sciences Cluster Seminars

BCEM seminar - Friday at 11h00 in BI 211
Seminars return in September 2014 - Dr Noskov coordinator

ICB seminars - Fridays at 14300 in BI 211 (schedule)
Seminars return in September 2014 - Dr Chua coordinator

EEB seminars - Fridays at Noon in BI211 (schedule) (archive)
Sept 12 - Cheng Qiqun, Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences
Title TBA
- Dr Mee coordinator

Micro seminars - Tuesday at 14h00 in BI211
Seminars return in September 2014 - Dr Storey coordinator

Biology 601 Seminars

BCEM 601 seminars - Mondays at 16h00 in BI 211 (schedule)
Seminars return in September 2014 - Dr Ng coordinator

ICB 601 seminars - Thursdays at 13h00 in BI 211 (schedule)
Seminars return in September 2014 - Dr Gedamu coordinator

EEB 601 seminars - Mondays at 12h00 in BI 211 (schedule)
Seminars return in September 2014 - Dr Fox coordinator

Micro 601 seminars - Wednesdays at 12h00 in BI 211 (schedule)
Seminars return in September 2014 - Dr Harrison coordinator

Graduate Defense Exams & Seminars (defense seminars are held one hour before the stated defense time in BI 211 unless noted otherwise)

Sara Goto (Supervisor: D. Layzell), will be holding her M.Sc. Thesis Oral Examination, in the area of "Energy & Environmental Systems", on September 5, 2014 at 2:00 p.m. in BioSciences room 389. (Neutral Chair: J. Vamosi).

Romain Richard (Supervisor: E. McCauley), will be holding his Ph.D. Thesis Oral Examination, in the area of "Ecology", on September 15, 2015 at 10:00 a.m. in BioSciences room 312. (Neutral Chair: S. Vamosi).